Arielle NealArielle is a 27-year-old former golf caddy who enjoys reading, adult coloring books, and swimming. She is friendly and smart.

She is addicted to the internet, something which her friend Genevieve Suzanne Finch pointed out when she was 16. The problem intensified in 2009. Arielle has lost two jobs as a result of her addiction, specifically: local activist and golf caddy.

She is an American Muslim. She started studying sports science at college but never finished the course.

Physically, Arielle is in pretty good shape. She is average-height with pale skin, black hair and brown eyes.

She grew up in a middle-class neighborhood. Having never really known her parents, she was raised in a series of foster homes.

She is currently single. Her most recent romance was with a screenplay writer called Warren Russell Francis, who was 19 years older than her. They broke up because Warren was fed up with friends getting on better with Arielle.

Arielle’s best friend is a former golf caddy called Genevieve Finch. They get on well most of the time. She also hangs around with Samuel Hart and Rose Rhodes. They enjoy hockey together.